Surfboard Furniture

Surfboard Furniture
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Surfboard Furniture like this Surfboard coffee table used as a used surfboard rack or vintage surfboard mount and antique surfboard hanger.

Surfboard Coffee Table

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Great For Man Caves or Surfshop displays (New!!!)

Make any vintage surfboard on our website into a coffee table. (Includes instructions, table base legs, velcro attachment) Add Only $99.95 +S/H

Your surfboard will be removeable from table in less than 1 second without damage. Go surf it (Velcro attachment does not hinder surfboard performance), then it secures right back on the table base in seconds. Surfboard furniture will be the focus point of any room. With retro art colors and designs, our antique surfboards make great coffee tables.

Surfboard Coffee Table Instructions

1. Unpack table, extend legs and tighten bolts to lock legs in out position.
2. Lay on flat surface with legs up.
3. Decide if you want fins up(dangerous) or down, Lay surfboard centered on legs in desired position.
4. Using a pencil, trace a circle on the surfboard, where each leg is touching the board.
5. The pencil circles should be the same distance from the sides of the the surfboard.
6. Attach 4 Velcro Hook circles on your surfboard inside the pencil circles you traced around the legs.
7. Line up velcro on surfboard and table, then attach
8. Pull surfboard off table base to go surfing, then stick it back on.

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