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1980s era Lightning Bolt Surfboard shaped by Tom Eberly.  The board’s tail section is a double-bump, swallow tail with glassed-on twin-fins, and a removable third center-fin (see photos).  This type of fin system allows the surfer to choose the fin set-up best suited for the conditions.  The bump-wings are located 12 inches and 6 inches up from the tail, and the swallow-tail tips are 5 inches apart.  The glass-on fins stand 4-1/2 inches tall and 5-1/2 inches across at the base.  The fins are in great condition.  The board is filled with a lot of pastel colors (pink, and blue).  The deck of the board has one (1) small Lightning Bolt sticker, (2) Quicksilver stickers and two (2) Rip Curl stickers.  The bottom of the board has one (1) Quicksilver sticker, two (2) Rip Curl stickers, and one (1) small Lightning Bolt sticker.   All other Lightning Bolt markings are laminates that are located under the glassing (all original).    A Clark Foam lam and Tom Eberly laminate are located on the deck, at the tail (see photos).  The board is numbered on the deck, near the tail, “4645.”  This board has a few open dings and shatters.  The work is very minor (easy fix).  The board is void of the following issues: no de lamination, no soft spots, never a major repair, no major sun tanning, no water marks, never buckled, and no twisting.  This is an attractive board that has the color and shape for your collection.  Or it can be surfed like it was intended.


SPECIFICATIONS: glass-on twin-fin/with a boxed removable center fin; 6’-4” x 20-1/2” x 2-3/4”

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+250.00 S/H Hawaii, Europe, Australia
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