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Vintage, 1980s era Lightning Bolt Surfboard
The board’s tail section is a double-bump wing, swallow-tail with glassed-on quad-fins (see photos).  The wings are located 12 inches and 4 inches up from the tail, and the swallow-tail tips are 5 inches apart.  The glass-on fins are translucent burgundy.  All four fins are rock solid and in sturdy condition.  Two of the fins have a minor stress mark at the base, but are solid and sturdy (it’s not cracked, just a stress mark).  The deck and bottom is filled with a geometrical pattern (see photos).  The patterns are airbrushed in pink and blue, and then outlined in black resin pin-lines (see photos).  On each side of the board is a 16 inch lightning bolt located at the nose.  On each side of the board has two large Lightning Bolt laminates on the rails (see photos).  The Lightning Bolt laminates on the rails measure 11 inches long.  A white Clark Foam laminate is located on the deck, on the tail.  The Clark Foam laminate reads, “High Performance Clark Foam Super Light.”   The board is numbered on the deck, near the tail, “4658.”   Overall, this board is in magnificent shape.  A Lightning Bolt quad-fin is very rare to find (when’s the last time you saw or found a quad-fin Lightning Bolt surfboard?).  The colors are bright and beautiful.  A lot of time, energy, and concentration were spent on the board’s details (taping, spraying and the pin-lines).  The board is completely watertight.  A very faint hint of sun tanning is visible.  Other than the minor sun tanning, the board is void of the following issues: no de lamination, no soft spots, never a major repair, completely watertight, no major sun tanning, no water marks, never buckled, and no twisting.  Again, this is a beautiful Lightning Bolt quad-fin surfboard that is attractive in every sense of the word (shape, condition, color and style).
SPECIFICATIONS: glass-on quad-fin/double-bump wing, swallow-tail; 5’-9” x 20-1/4” x 2-3/4”


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