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Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, he stood out for his unique surfing style. He started a successful surfboard manufacturing company. Dewey watched Velzy, Hogan and the rest of the surf club work with drawknives on redwood and redwood/balsa boards underneath the pier. Weber had been fortunate to catch the eye of one of the best-known surfers and board makers of the day, Dale Velzy. Velzy was one of the first to advertise his own products and simultaneously sponsor surfers by providing them surfboards. In Hawaii, Weber perfected his surf style. His intricate footwork up and down the board, very different from the prevailing style, earned him the nickname, "The Little Man on Wheels". In 1960, having returned from Hawaii, he founded Weber Surfboards. He opened his first shop in Venice Beach, California and soon began producing boards with memorable names, such as the "Weber Performer" and the "Weber Pig". He hired top shaper, Harold Iggy, and assembled a surf team to promote the brand. It was then that Weber had the ingenious idea to dress the team in the class red Weber trunks and jackets, which they wore to the events. With the success of his team, Weber became one of the top producers of the time, second only to Hobie. Between 1966 and 1967, the Weber Performer sold roughly 10,000 units and was distributed all over the country. He died on January 7, 1993 of heart failure.


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