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Get a OP surfboard from used surf boards for sale find op surfboards that are vintage surfboards for sale. Ocean pacific surfboards are a 1970s surfboard seen in 80s surf movies with other ocean pacific surf gear.

Ocean Pacific was started by Edmond Shumpert and Fred Ryan in March 1969 as a surfboard brand. Edmond Shumpert conceived the name Ocean Pacific and designed the original Op logo for their surfboard company. At that time Edmond Shumpert was a well known sculptor, surfer and surfboard shaper in Cardiff by the Sea where he met Mr. Ryan. Together they set up a surfboard shop in Leucadia, Ca. This shop was visited by Mike Doyle and Rusty Miller where they and Edmond discussed innovative surfboard designs. These discussions helped Edmond to produce a variety of early 'short boards' that sold well in the area. John Smith shaped and glassed Ocean Pacific surfboards in the 60's. In August 1969, Fred Ryan sold the Ocean Pacific surfboard name and logo to Don Hansen of Hansen Surf Shop.In 1972, Jim Jenks of San Diego wanted to create clothing that met the demands of surfers in and out of the surf. He received the name from his then employer Don Hansen and the Ocean Pacific apparel line was created. Jenks' idea for clothing under the Ocean Pacific label quickly became popular with the surf culture with its instantly recognizable 'OP' logo. The Ocean Pacific brand experienced financial trouble through the 1990s. Ocean Pacific was owned by Warnaco company (Calvin Klein etc.) Ocean Pacific is currently owned by Iconix Brand Group.


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