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Consignment Policy

We accept Vintage boards from anywhere in the world on consignment.

Why use us? We are the most popular websites (see for these types of used surfboards.  Plus, we have a popular Ebay store.  If someone is looking for vintage surfboards online, they will find us first. With hundreds of surfers looking for vintage boards on our websites, consignment here is a faster way to sell. Its cheap and you will get a more money than by putting it in your local surf shop. In a Surf Shop, your used surf board will get dinged up and they will charge 10-25% for a consignment that may take years.

1. You must send us photos of your surfboard (front and back), description, and price.
2. Your surfboard must be a vintage surboard, 80s or older, any brand.
3. We will forward you all emails we get about your surfboard.
4. Do not send us your surfboard, this is virtual.  Customer will pick up from you or you will ship your board to them via Greyhound busline for $45-$55 nationwide.

Shipping Instructions:
1. Bubblewrap your surfboard twice longways(use large bubble wrap from any shipping store)
2. stack up bubble wrap higher then fins and tape pile next to fins if fins are not removeable. If fins are stuck in, leave the fins in.
3. Take a 24X24 peice of bubblewrap and fold it in half twice.  Tape this over tail, then do it again for the nose of the surfboard. (This saves a ding it board is dropped longways). 
4. Use bike or appliance boxs to make your own surfboard box. Cut them down to size.(It doesnt have to be pretty) You can also use a old surfboard bag.
5. You can ship within the US on greyhound bus for $50(Fed ex and UPS are charging $150.  We ship every board by greyhound and no one has ever had a problem picking their board up from their local greyhound terminal.

Listing Options:
Featured - $4.95 We list your surfboard on the homepage and a backpage of our websites. and

Send photos and description by email to Copyright 2013  All rights reserved.
Email your used surfboard pictures to