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Bing Copeland is the founder of Bing Surfboards, one of the best known brands of the ‘60s. Bing Copeland played a major role in helping surfing and the surfboard industry to become what they are today. At 13, he became fascinated while helping out at pioneer surfboard maker Dale Velzy’s workshop in Manhattan Beach. He spent the mid-’50s in the Coast Guard stationed in Hawaii and surfed the big waves of Oahu’s North Shore and Makaha. By 1960, back in Southern California, he was making surfboards commercially and his company became one of the longest-running and most progressive in the surfing world. This is the story of Bing Copeland, the business he built, the colorful cast of craftsmen he employed and the visionary surfboards they made and continue to make even now. Bing Copeland influenced surfing in many ways and worked with some of best-known surfers of the time. Names like Donald Takayama and David Nuuhiwa were included on the list of famous Bing team riders. Donald Takayama is also a very talented shaper and introduced the Bing Donald Takayama Model. He also helped develop two extremely popular Bing models bearing the Nuuhiwa name the "Noserider" and the "Lightweight" of which an estimated 10,000 units were sold between 1965 and 1967. In 1967, surfboard designer Dick Brewer shaped the "Bing Pipeliner", a model that Brewer still shapes today. In 1973, Bing produced a trademarked "Bonzer model", a design introduced a year earlier and one of the first to use three fins, now a standard on all performance shortboards. Today, talented surfboard shaper Matt Calvani and well-known '60s surfer Lance Carson have teamed up to make Bing surfboards and clothing available once again.


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