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Vintage Greg Noll surfboards are antique surf boards find a greg noll surfboard from 1970's surf. These Greg Noll surfboards for sale are old wooden surfboards mispelled greg knoll surfboards is a classic surf board.

Greg Noll born in San Diego February 11, 1937, aka "Da Bull" in reference to his way of charging down the face of a wave with apparent fearlessness, is a pioneer of big wave surfing. At age eleven he began surfing on a beaten oversized redwood balsa board. He soon became a young member of the Manhattan Beach Surf Club and was immediately taken with legendary shaper and surfer Dale Velzy for whom Noll swept and cleaned around the shaping room. Velzy’s tutelage would prove pivotal in Noll’s future as a master shaper. Noll grew in surfing the South Bay of Los Angeles and developed his big wave surfing in Palos Verdes at breaks like Lunada Bay. Noll became known for his exploits in large Hawaiian surf on the North Shore of Oahu. He first gained a reputation in November 1957 after surfing Waimea Bay in 25-30 ft surf when it had previously been thought impossible even to the local Hawaiians. He is perhaps best known for being the first surfer to ride a wave breaking on the outside reef at the so-called Banzai Pipeline in November 1964. Noll is also one of the greatest longboard shapers to ever live and his boards are some of the most sought after and expensive in the world. Today Noll lives in Hiouchi, California with his wife and shapes re-creations of some of the historic boards from the sport of surfing. Some of these are: Olos and Alaias, a replica of a Duke Kahanamoku board, Malibu Chips, Guns, Da Cats, Pacific System Homes and others.




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