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Familiar with the Twin Fin I and inspired by Reo, Mark Richards  built his own version and subsequently refined it at a month long shaping seminar with Dick Brewer in Hawaii 1976-1977. The design was tested in Hawaii the following winter and contest success in the Bells 1978 and  Stubbies 1979 contests and the 1979 World tiltle proved its high performance capabilities, particularly in small waves. Available from all Australian manufacturers, it was the dominant small wave board design 1978 – 1981. The design also had a strong following on the south shore of Ohau, notably Larry Bertlemann and 'Buttons', and was to be extensively used in the USA. Mark Richards models were made under licence by Gordon and Smith Surfboards. House shapers were Hank Warner, Robin Prodanovich, Terry S. Goldsmith and E. Duck.
These  were available with Star System fin boxes, a uncommon feature in Australian boards. In Australia, the design was shaped by Mark Platter, Ken Freeland and Tony Cerff at Maddog Surfboards. Mark Richards Surfboards (single fin designs) were first manufactured by Morning Star Surfboards, Mona Vale. The fin to flyer channels rarely appear on later/copied examples. The ribbon decals were early designs, gradually replaced by a MR/Lightning Bolt, a MR script and a MR/Lizard graphic. Apparently the famous MR/Superman logo only appeared on Mark Richards' personal boards during this early period.

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