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Town and country known as t & c surf also t&c surf designs plus t and c surf designs. A vintage t&c surf design or classic t & c surf design are collectable t&c surfboards. See T & C surf designs for your next t&c surfboard.

In 1971 Craig Sugihara founded Town & Country Surfshop. The beginnings of this venture were humble - an old babershop in Pearl City Hawaii served as the original storefront. Fueled by an unrestrained passion for surfing and initial start-up capital of $3,000.00 Town & Country has evolved into a multifaced surf company and has solifified its position as a worldwide industry icon. As a young boy in the early 60's Craig would regularly rent boards from Captain Wata and other Waikiki Beach Boys at George Downing's rental stand.In 1963 Craig's stoke for surfing pushed him to work hard all summer to purchase his first new surfboard - 9'4'' Hobie ($134.00) While many surfers are drawn to the ocean and the act of surfing, few have a real thirst for understanding and creating their own equipment. Craig is one of those exceptions. As his surfing skills improved his interest in the anatomy of the surfboard and its impact on performance increased. The intrigue led to countless visits to Surfboards Makaha between college classes to watch Joe KUALA glassing and glossing, as well as, Sparky and Ben AIPA shaping boards. Craig stripped an old, long forgotten, brown board form the neighbor's house and re-shaped and glassed it. Beneath the brown 'crust' was the bright-white foam of a new board. The completed board was the start of something very special. The second board was shaped from a blank purchases from Surfline Hawaii. Like the first board this board was shaped and laminated by Craig. As fate would have it, Greg Noll Surfboards had just lost a laminator around the same time. On the urging of his friend Peter Banks, Craig brought his board in to show owner Charlie Galanto his work. They set up two blanks, each glassing the bottom of one. Charlie then left Craig to finish the boards and call him when he was done. After inspecting the work Craig was told, "come back tomorrow, you got the job". Though not shaping, Craig was moving closer to his goal. The years at Greg Noll Surfboards were memorable and provided excellent learning experience, but Craig still wanted to shape. The opportunity came when he was offered a position with Mystic Surfboards in Waianae. Having started many friendships with other surfers on the Westside and enjoying the waves at Makaha, the chance to build complete boards made the decision an easy one. Soon Craig was shaping for a number of local standouts, but his passion for surfing still wanted more. After about one year Craig decides to open his own shop. In 1971, whith limited capital and limitless stoke Craig opened his first shop in Pearl City. At the time Kamehameha Highway was the only access to the North Shore and its many epic waves. The name reflected the shop's position between the two epicenters of surf on Oahu - Town & Country. The strategic position of the shop and quality boards drove strong demand for Town & Country Surfboards.


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